Basque Stream, a company specialising in the creation and distribution of audio-visuals, has more than 20 years experience in both these particular sectors and international markets.

Basque Stream is a company with the consideration of an innovative project and with the support of the local institutions in its design and establishment.

In order to innovate in the sector of audiovisual content distribution, Basque Stream has been recently created with the aim of supporting the internationalization of talented creators´projects that have difficulties to commercialize their programs in international markets.

With a large amount of experience, over twenty years, in audiovisual sector and with an extensive portfolio of contacts in both, national and international markets; Basque Stream had run its business in the Mip Com 2012. In fact, Basque Stream has just achieved sales format option which is going to be in the market, in this way, Basque Stream has confirmed the viability of the business project. In the summer of 2013 Basque Stream has produced THE MANAGER for Mediaset Spain and currently is preproducing the second season, which is available in 2014.
This company works with genres such as formats and animation, including documentaries and it also offers help in the search of projects and co-production partners in both markets, in the national and international. 

Moreover, Basque Stream always looks after the best quality and price, for this reason, it has got good contacts with some of the best project creators and projects producer freelances. Basque Stream has got an agency that provides contents of all professionals’ news via online and on television. Apart from that, Basque Stream has its own website with news in HD, where can be found a text that gives the chance to the media who wants to be rebroadcast to be customized.

In addition, Basque Stream offers a production service to communication or the internet media that may would love to record any report in the Basque Country at really affordable prices using the latest new technologies and giving the opportunity to send them anywhere through the Internet.

Besides, thanks to the innovative techniques of E-Marketing increased the reality; Basque Stream also is able to provide marketing solutions. For instance, Basque Stream works in this type of market producing products for Mediaset España Merchandising and for Basque Government Institutions. It can collaborate with companies and advertising agencies in order to give to their Marketing campaigns an innovative tool and above all a really attractive tool with a wide range of features and applications and full of actions with a big repercussion in social network.

Finally, it should be known that Basque Stream is a flexible and lively company with the advantage of being well suited to the needs of the markets. It also has the intention to serve as a link among innovative products with high creativity and cost efficiency and programmers or companies that are seeking for different programs and with an added value. 

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